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Your work is only as good as your work with people

Empowerment to exceed

Personal growth and leadership development often can take a backseat to the short-term tactical execution and performance needed to deliver on the bottom line; however, focusing on the bottom line can only get today's leader so far.

Dr. Renee St Jacques believes that without the strategic investment in development and growth in such areas as--dealing with tension and conflict within work relationships, properly managing organizational change, learning how to create a thriving work culture, cultivating the character and emotional intelligence (EQ) to properly lead people-- the bottom line ultimately suffers. As a professional with firsthand corporate experience and expertise in human behavior, Dr. Renee St Jacques builds transformative leaders with the IQ and the EQ to succeed in the long-run.


Corporate Experience Meets Human Behavior Expertise


Dr. Renee St Jacques brings a unique blend of corporate experience and human behavior expertise. A licensed psychologist, Renee strives to build a supportive, trustworthy relationship with each of her coaching clients. Her years of experience with Microsoft marketing and product management give her the senior-level perspective to understand the business issues that her clients face daily, while her extensive doctoral training in psychology offers her the intuition and expertise to customize her coaching to each client’s own strengths and challenges.

Renee believes that her clients get the most value out of coaching when they feel safe enough to be their true selves. She creates a judgment-free safe haven where she sees her clients as unique individuals and whole people. At the same time, she is results-oriented, hard-working, and driven to help her clients reach their full potential. Whether they are looking to increase their confidence as leaders, improve their intra-organizational communication, or grow a product through life cycle to launch, Renee’s clients can count on her gentle strength and passion for quality and excellence to ensure their success.



Executive Coaching, professional mediation and CORPORATE WORKSHOPS

Dr. Renee St Jacques works with high-level executives or any corporate professional to enhance performance. Renee coaches both individuals and executive teams, which may include one-on-one, paired and group sessions/workshops. 

Common individual or paired coaching scenarios:

  • Career Counseling including identifying next right steps, resume and cover letter preparation

  • Building emotional intelligence

  • Developing empathy/strong people management skills

  • Increasing healthy relational dynamics in the workplace

  • Mediating conflict resolution among leadership work relationships

  • Preparing high potential leaders for promotion

  • Promoting mental health among leaders

  • Assessing performance

  • Creating an Executive presence

  • Understanding your leadership style and leveraging your influence

  • Strengthening a leader's ability and confidence in public speaking


Group coaching programs are customized to be transformative for your leaders--not wasting time with generic theoretical models. Instead, Dr. Renee St Jacques' connects real-life challenges with fresh and relevant content in a discussion format. Leaders leave each session with ideas they can apply immediately, as well as accountability and support from their peers.

Popular group coaching topics include:

  • Implementing & Building Support for Change

  • Identifying & Retaining Top Performers

  • Delivering Difficult Feedback

  • Creating Trust on Your Team

Workshop topics include:

  • Pathfinder: Navigating Your Career

  • Me.inc: Personal Branding

  • Feedback Culture

  • Cultivating a Culture of Accountability

  • Organizational Alignment and RACI workshops


Getting Started


Dr. Renee St Jacques would love to get to know you, what you are working on, and how she can help.