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Licensed psychologist Dr. Renee St Jacques (For pronunciation -click here) is a unique hybrid of human behavior expert and corporate professional, equally compassionate and people-oriented while biased towards action and results-oriented. Bred in Corporate America, Dr. St Jacques does everything with excellence and attention to detail while remembering what is most important at the end of the day…the heart. Hurt people hurt other people so healing is paramount. Success starts at home. Our work is only as good as our work with people. Driven by the desire to help others reach their greatest potential, Dr. St Jacques goes the extra mile to customize her value to each client’s unique needs.


Dr. St Jacques began her career in Corporate America with now over 15 years of experience with marketing and business. While prospering in her work, she knew that something was missing. She pondered, "if I don't make a change, I will 'blink' and 10 more years will pass by and...I will still be doing the same thing." She knew that she had to be strategic and proactive about her career path and maximizing her own potential.

Mid-way in her career, Dr. Renee St Jacques made the courageous leap to pursue her doctorate in Psychology. To stay in Corporate America would be to only pursue half of who she was in her skills and interests. The doctorate would equip her with the expertise to truly help people in the way she knew best and provide the fulfillment she longed for.

Becoming a business consultant empowered her to have the flexibility to complete her psychology studies and have invaluable experiences including traveling to the Philippines to work with sex trafficking victims, completing research on trauma and healing, and working at a woman's shelter for survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and substance abuse.

Now a licensed psychologist, Dr. Renee St Jacques delights in bringing her holistic self to meet her clients individual needs- whether in psychology or business, or a blend of the two.


Dr. Renee St Jacques believes in the potential of people to become all they can be - whether in their mental health, in their relationships, in their workplace, and in their vision and dreams.

Furthermore, she believes her clients get the most value out of counseling, coaching, or consulting when they feel safe enough to be their true selves. She creates a judgment-free safe haven where clients can do authentic work. At the same time, she is results-oriented, hard-working, and driven to help her clients reach their full potential. Whether they are looking to improve their lives through counseling, increase their confidence as leaders through coaching, or complete a critical project, Renee’s clients can count on her gentle strength and passion for quality and excellence to ensure their success.

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Experience and Expertise: At-A- Glance




Expertise in Women with Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma

Expertise in Couple Counseling


Licensed Psychologist Doctor of Psychology Masters in Psychology


Adjunct Professor at Northwest University

Psychologist Consultant for Rescue:Freedom





Product Marketing

Audience Marketing

International Marketing

Online/Digital Marketing

Marketing Communications

Event Marketing/ Management

Product Management

Partner/Channel Marketing and Readiness Product Launch Marketing Campaigns Program/Project Management

Sales Readiness/ Mobilization

B2B and B2C Marketing


14+ Years in Corporate America