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Licensed psychologist Dr. Renee St Jacques loves helping people reach their full potential. Whether it is helping individuals overcome daunting mental health issues, supporting couples in having a healthier relationship, coaching a group or individual managers in their leadership skills, or working to get a critical project done, she offers services that uniquely blend compassion with results to ultimately help her clients thrive in their world. 

Specializing in psychology and business, Dr. Renee St Jacques delivers quality counseling, coaching, and consulting services for individuals, couples, and corporations. She brings extensive experience and expertise to every case and project and customizes her support to her client's individual needs.

Pursuing Mental and Emotional Health for richer Home and Work Success
— Dr. Renee St Jacques


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Areas of Service


Compassionate, professional support in a nurturing, therapeutic partnership where individual and couple clients improve their lives-- whether its alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety, overcoming the negative effects of trauma and abuse, breaking an addiction or having a healthier relationship or marriage. Learn more.


Skilled individual and team coaching services that incorporate a distinctive blend of corporate experience and human behavior expertise-- includes conflict management, leadership development, succession planning, presentation skills, people management, and executive presence. Learn more.                      


Results-oriented execution on business, marketing, and psychology projects.  These projects range from professional project, program and marketing management for large corporations to research and content development for local and international non-profits. Learn more.

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